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Welcome! Apple Cheeks is a home to all the characters and creations in my mind. A place where you can feel happy and warm. Stay for as long as you want!

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As the days grew colder, I awaited my package from the lovely Tiffany (aka, miss apple cheeks). Traveling 20 steps to my mailbox each and every night after I ordered this glorious pair of amphibians. Finally on March 19th, 2021 I got a notification that they arrived. My heart pounding, I ran to my mailbox to see this brown flat package addressed to me... I couldn’t wait to open it. It was everything my teen heart could have imagined. A rowdy banana gang as company, some crossing fruits for nutrition and finally my two froggy stickers with a passive message that says “be mine” and it’s overly abrasive counterpart that says “you’re mine”

Roslyn Amayafrom Etsy

The sticker was so cute and the thank you card and envelope too! I missed out on the fruit lanyard so I will keep my eyes peeled lol. Thank you Tiffany for taking time to put my order together with so much love. I found you on YouTube and I look forward to your videos. I love the genuine, uniqueness, and sincerity you share with everyone ❤

Karlafrom Etsy

I love this artist and I love these stickers! I bought these stickers to put on my working sketchbook for this art class I'm taking. I always wanted to take art classes growing up, but (for a variety of reasons) didn't feel like I could. I gave up art for a while during my last year of high school and all through college. However, during summer last year, I started drawing again and I felt like I reconnected with a part of myself. I've been following this artist on Instagram for a while and I wanted a momento of her art and the other artists who inspire me - and these stickers were perfect! Thank you so much, Tiffany, for inspiring me to reconnect with art and making :)

Zoweefrom Etsy